Improvisation training is wonderful example of the kind of thinking that 'Blink' is about How good people's decisions are under the fast-moving, high-stress conditions of rapid cognition is a function of training … and creating the conditions for successful spontaneity." Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, in Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

"A fundamental principle of improv is listening and accepting any initiation that's made in the Improv workshop class. I want my managers to listen and respond to their employees' perceptions, not ignore them. Managers have to be open to accepting any kind of initiation." Dick Costolo, X-CEO Twitter

"Ask.com's chief product and technology officer Lisa Kavanaugh confesses that she and other members of the executive team were 'a little scared' to try improv. When the Ask team finally dove in they discovered something totally different. 'It was really transformative,' says Kavanaugh. 'Folks said it was the most impactful training session in their entire career.' … Traffic is up 35% thanks to product development and enhancements to the site and mobile. There has been triple-digit growth on the mobile site month over month last year."

"At first glance, zany improv and the straight-laced corporate world might seem to be unlikely bedfellows. But the cross-pollination between comedy and business has led to fruitful managerial skills development for executives - Forbes article, "Why Improv Training is Great Business Training," June 2014 "So much of business - like life itself - is one big act of improv. People make plans but, if they accept that there's a whole bunch of stuff they can't control, then most of what they're doing is improvising. Working without a script, creating something out of nothing, working in teams, co-creating solutions with input from the marketplace - all that's improvising."
Tom Yorton, CEO of Second City Communications.


“In improv, there are no mistakes, only opportunities.”
Tina Fey, Actress

“I want my managers to listen and respond to their employees’ perceptions, not ignore them”
Dick Costolo, X-CEO Twitter

“ Improv business training was transformative and it was the most impactful training session in their entire careers”
Lisa Kavanaugh
Ask.Com executive

“How good people’s decisions are under the fast-moving, high-stress conditions of rapid cognition is a function of training … and creating the conditions for successful spontaneity.” Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point

"Zany improv and the straight-laced corporate world might seem to be unlikely bedfellows. But the cross-pollination between comedy and business has led to fruitful managerial skills development for executives"
Forbes , "Why Improv Training is Great Business Training," June 2014


Getting to the Idea

Creative problem-solving. Brainstorming.
Recognizing and Seizing Opportunity.

From careers of leading creative teams, developing ideas, and facilitating corporate brainstorming sessions, we have developed entertaining and educational ways to help you see your way through to solutions, ideas, and opportunities, as well as how to collaborate.

Management Training

Our Improv Management and Leadership Workshops are guaranteed to improve the way an organization functions. We meet with you to discover the skills you feel your managers and employees need to improve. We survey your business and meet with managers and staff. We develop games, quizzes, improv exercises and roleplay specifically for your needs. We can also schedule refresher workshops to help solidify the learning.
 Staff Training

We offer leadership workshops and management training. Our improv exercises are also valuable in bringing your entire staff into more of a teamwork mindset. This differs from our leadership training in having less emphasis on decision-making and problem-solving, yet instilling confidence and flexibility.

 Creative Problem Solving

Our sessions on practical, or applied, creativity have a way of unlocking even the most closed minds to new ways of thinking and looking at themselves, their teammates and their situation. Theoretically, the most desired skill in business, creativity is just a few minor revelations and skill-building exercises away. We usually end with a roleplay brainstorming session. However, we can also facilitate a real-problem session, if desired.

 Sales Team & Customer Service Maximization

Develop the heart of the organization to be strong and effective in driving revenue goals and customer satisfaction at their peak performance. Improv skills build your teams to embrace surprise and build better relationships with your best customers and prospects.


People suppose that improv is for comedy -- and it is, of course.
Improv, though, also teaches skills that are valuable in many areas, especially business. Improv is ideal for leadership training, management training, collaboration, even creative problem-solving. When you are watching an improv troupe, after all, those are the very skills they use to perform. t.

We craft improv exercises, roleplay and games to coach you on skills such as teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, communication -- any skill your organization needs to improve.

Certainly, there are many great training programs out there.
We pride ourselves on employing years of management experience (as well as professional improv training). Wherever you are and whatever problems you are wrestling with, chances are we've been there.

The improv exercises we use in our training place participants into an environment that mimics the ideal workplace environment: communicative, supportive, positive. This environment allows those participants to be confident, flexible, adaptable, focused, and team oriented.


Games, exercises and role-play scenarios let participants relax and have fun and become less self-conscious. This way they learn.

We listen to you and, if you want, to your staff. We study your organization. We craft the workshops exactly to your needs, whether it is just manager training, a specific department, or your whole staff. Before we ever begin, we show you what skills our coaching will enhance and exactly how.


Yes! And we all have fun while we are learning, too. We teach applied creativity, or practical creativity, though the lessons are very similar to artistic creativity. The skills involved in brainstorming, recognizing problems, recognizing opportunities, and coming up with ideas make all-around better team members. Just some of those skills are: flexibility, empathy, listening, collaboration and self-confidence. .

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  The Team...  

Mike Grimshaw

Areas of Expertise
Start-up founding & mentoring, Financial strategies for small business, Branding, PR, Marketing & Sales, Engaged Learning techniques, Technology Implementation, and creative classroom tools. Angel Investor

Professional Background
Mike Grimshaw has over 35 years’ Founder, Principal, senior level sales, management and start-up experience in the highly competitive technology industry with industry leaders IBM, Cisco, Andrew, Nortel, and Unisys. He has successfully launched/sold new strategic products and won numerous awards for his contributions. Mike as an entrepreneur founded 15+ companies and was the founder and President of Pace Data and President of Israeli based RAD Network Devices. Mike has proven success in the challenge of bringing innovative start-up companies – Equinox Networks, Cascade, Shasta Networks and Ellacoya to funding, acquisition or IPO.


Nate Lee

Areas of Expertise
Leadership and management training, Business improvisation, Creative problem solving, Communication, Brainstorming, Customer engagement, Marketing strategy, Branding, Writing, Copy editing

Professional Background
A graduate of Second City’s improv school and lead in Second City’s Children’s Theatre, Nate has employed improv skills in a variety of careers and management positions. As a writer and ultimately a creative director of a global ad agency, Nate has written and produced national campaigns for P&G, McDonald’s, Mazda, Taco Bell and Mattel. He has been a partner in a small LA ad agency; senior editor of a weekly newspaper in Chicago; and a performer at Disneyland. Nate has also written several books of skits and one-act plays for pre-teens to perform, as well as the lyrics for a musical about the 1920s.